Unblame method

Detect when you are not at ease

Deflect your focus towards yourself

Determine what you feel

Express what you feel

Unblame the other of your emotion


coaching Unblame

Lacking trust and safety in your teams, meetings or other collaborations? We help you create the necessary safety, so your employees can exploit their full potential in trust and pleasure.

training Unblame

Having a team where members feel secure and connected. Where everybody is sincere, full of power and joy. Resulting in innovation and success. Do you want to be the leader of such a team? Get trained and inspired by Unblame.

incompany or at inspiring venues
starting at €1000

keynote speaker Jan van Veldhuizen Unblame
key note

Want to be inspired? To know how fun, trust and leadership will create success? Jan van Veldhuizen shows how safety plays an important role in our professional environment. With clear examples and an easy applicable method you as a leader will get the information needed to make your team safe and successful.


Jan van Veldhuizen
E: info@unblame.com
T: +971-5-68327765

Unblame is coming to the UAE!
From May 2017, all Unblame training and coaching will be available in Dubai.

unblame in dubai